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All of life is about choices – from life and death decisions (not that we face too many of them these days) down to mundane daily matters like..
…hmm breakfast, let’s see: Organic glutenfree müsli and fresh fruits, served with fhomemade hemp milk plus a cup of mate tee- or just croissants & coffee?

All choices are based on the available data one has at hand when a choice has to be made. It’s a very natural process to change decisions once new information comes to one’s attention. Seeing that we live in the so-called “information age” it’s really hard to filter out what you actually wanna know and what you can totally do without (local ethiopian football scores pop to mind…). But even once you’ve filtered out at least the topic you wanna have infos on, the sheer number of available data is absurd! (Care to read “Google page 9516” on your subject of choice, anyone? No???)

So… we thought we’ll try and help you out at least a bit. We’ve compiled an assortment of information about various topics including nutrition, product reviews and lifestyle choices, all tried, tested and found working, that might prove helpful for you – at least that’s what we hope, otherwise we’ve done all this work for nothing 🙂

Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment about anything that you feel like remarking upon, other readers will value your direct experience just as much as we do! Or even better, start a new thread end enlighten others with whatever is important to you!


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